Mission is significant. While Christians are saved by God’s grace without the necessity of good works, God has saved us to serve Him by serving others and making known the glorious gospel of Jesus.

Grace is key because it is by God's grace that we're even here. He has seen fit to assemble and bless this body of believers to exalt His son, Jesus Christ. God’s grace runs through every ministry and relationship here.

Church is God’s designation of people He has called to Himself and assembled as one local body for His glory and the good of others.

Our prayer is that we will live up to His name together, as He gives us strength.


If you are searching for a home church or just beginning to consider the claims of Jesus Christ, we hope you’ll join us this Sunday to sing, pray, and study the Bible with us.  No one will embarrass you or make you speak publicly.

Sometimes it takes a little step of faith to visit a new place or do a new thing, but we have all been there. We believe you will be very glad you did!