Did God Really Say That?
    10.10.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

    Wise parents teach their children to be wise. A good father or mother will teach their child, as the old saying goes, not to touch the stove for in touching the stove you will get burned. Parents may warn their children from their own painful...

      Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands
      09.21.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

      One of Elvis Presley's most beloved songs in his concert repertoire was "I Did It My Way." He performed the song with such passion that it appeared as if the song was thematic of his life. Here was a poor boy from Tupelo, Mississippi...

        The Curse Has Been Reversed
        06.21.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

        In these parts, most probably think of the "Curse of the Bambino" when they hear the words "the curse." This is the popular superstition that the Boston Red Sox were cursed for 86 years on account of trading Babe Ruth to the...

          Truth Is Not Up For A Vote
          05.10.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

          The churches in Galatia were turning to a different gospel. In actuality, they were turning away from the gospel and away from God. They were being confused by false apostles who were preaching a false gospel. Two times the apostle Paul entreats...

            Looking for Life In All the Wrong Places
            04.01.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

            A friend once told me a humorous true story of an incident that took place in the Statehouse in Boston. A new legislative aide was asked by his superiors to take something to the Gardner Auditorium. The aide dutifully got into his car and drove...

              What is the Meaning of the Cross?
              03.01.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

              It is a symbol you see everywhere. It is on churches, on top of steeples, on necklaces and even tattooed on people’s bodies. It is the cross. The Christian cross. Have you ever wondered what this prevalent symbol really means? For some, it is...

                I Will Be Their God
                02.01.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

                Each one of us has joys and pains, hopes and hurts, needs and temptations. We have dreams and goals, likes and loves. There are things we are praying about. Some of our prayers have been made known to others, while other cries of our hearts are...

                  News That You Can Use!
                  01.01.17 | Articles | by Rev. David Bodanza

                  "I have got some bad news and some good news." People differ on which one they prefer to hear first. In this case, the bad news has to come first. It is the only way one can truly understand how good the good news is.